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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New rap group aims to Get Busy

Ryu (Syles of Beyond, Fort Minor), Apathy (Demigodz, Army of the Pharaohs) and super producer Scoop Deville (Snoop Dogg, Game, Clipse, Murs) have started a new project called The Get Busy Committee.

Their debut album, Uzi Does It, is due out on Nov. 10 on Tokyo Sex Whale Records.

You can check out a couple of their songs, "My Little Razor Blade" and "Chillin Out Maxin" at their website, or the video for "My Little Razor Blade."

I'm not much of a rap music fan (Anything beyond the Roots is more than I normally can do) but I dug this video. Rated on listening through crappy work PC speakers, doesn't offer much in the bass and beats, but I got the gist of the video/song, and was something that will likely catch on pretty well, complete with some in-song 80s references (Huxtables, Reagan, etc). As for the vid, there was way more going on in that video than could be referenced in a short review, but well-worth watching again.

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