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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bob Dylan echoes sentiments of kids everywhere "Must Be Santa"

The first video (that I'm aware of) from Bob Dylan's new Christmas album, "Must Be Santa."

The insane amount of accordion in this song took me by surprise. Beyond that, it was a fun little ditty by one of rock 'n' roll's greatest living legends. I'm not so sure I'd put this song into my short list of best Christmas/Holiday songs ever, but you never know. It's Dylan, it's Christmas, it's worth watching.

Speaking of my favorite Holiday songs, tune in daily to beginning December 1 as I count down my 25 Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs leading up to #1 on Santa's big day. The only clue you get is that not all the songs on my list are well-known, could you expect any less from me?????

Some free stuff and more news:
  • CFCF is celebrating the release of their new album by giving away an MP3 cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Big Love" and OMC's "How Bizarre" (courtesy Stereogum)
  • Are you gaga over Lady Gaga? You're probably not alone, but you can be the lone winner of a MySpace contest to attend her rehearsal and MonsterBall show in Boston on Dec. 1.

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