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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jigsaw and Miss May I, can't be more fitting

I'm going out on a limb a bit tonight with Miss May I's "Forgive & Forget" video

It's no secret that heavy metal isnt my strong suit. So, a full song review is way beyond my means of objectivity. The video on the other hand, I loved. Mixing live footage of the band (albeit in an empty warehouse) with scenes from Saw VI, you really can't go wrong. Add to that how the metal music fits so well with the series of movies and well... you've got yourself a true horrorshow.

in other news
  • Xylos has finished recording a new album, due out sometime in 2010 as the follow up to their EP, Bedrooms, which can be downloaded for free. In the meantime, the Brooklyn band is set to open 5 nites of shows for Lissy Trullie from Dec. 14-17 (NYC, Cambridge, MA, DC, Philly) and headline a show in Hoboken on Dec. 18.
  • Victory signs Amber Pacific and a new release is expected in early 2010.
  • OTEP's "Smash The Control Machine" wins the honor of being the opening music to the TNA "Final Resolution" ppv special on Dec. 20
  • IamOmni is the latest artist to get MySpace coverage, this time it's with a side of fries, as Wendy's is sponsoring the new "Fresh Faces" feature where you can download a free 3 track EP of the highlighted weekly artist.

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