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Monday, November 9, 2009

Low Anthem's take on the Charlie Darwin story

I wouldn't worry too much about which side of the Evolution/Creation fence you sit on with this video. It's Low Anthem's new vid for "Charlie Darwin," hosted buy Stererogum.

I dig the claymation, although the slow pace of both the song and video leave this one far from claymation classics like "Devil Went Down To Georgia" or "Prison Sex." The meaning behind both vid & song lean more toward Darwin's Theory of Evolution, but really the only reference of any kind to his theory comes from the clay version of Darwin staring into the face of a primate's skull. Interesting, but slow, the video takes much to long to build to the interesting parts.

some other late night news:
  • Circa Survive has finally completed their instudio video series and will be holding a live chat Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT. on
  • Shannon and the Clams and Snuggle both announced tour dates through the 1234 Go Records newsletter today.
  • this one's just in time for the Late Night with Fallon show, George Benson will perform with the Roots tonight.
  • RISE Records signs Sleeping with Sirens. Their next album will be released in March.

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