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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Muse discloses a video for Undisclosed Desires

It's Muse, so you know you want to watch

Undisclosed Desires

MUSE | MySpace Video

The song is "Undisclosed Desires" and you can find it on their new album, as well as the new Twilight Sdtk. Video wise, "Undisclosed Desires" isn't anything to get excited about. It's not ground-breaking, it's Muse playing in a studio surrounded by electronic equipment and lots of cords/cables hanging from the ceiling, as well as a unique dance sequence from a unique woman. I've always believed if you're going to go plain performance footage, you really can't go very wrong. And I'll hold to that here, the addition of the video screens blazened with lyrics and the lights and the dancer are all just frosting. It's still Muse.

I've got lots more where that came from:
  •  Cloud Cult is reissuing They Live on the Sun and Aurora Borealis as a double disc on Dec. 8 with everything remixed/remasterd and bonus tracks.
  • Janus has put out a Making of Video for Eyesore.

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