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Monday, November 9, 2009

RIP Jerry Fuchs, Drummer for Maserati

Wanted to get this one in as well. Another death in the rock world. Jerry Fuchs was 35.


From Temporary Residence Limited: As some of you may have already heard, we lost a very dear friend this weekend. Maserati drummer and all-around cosmic inspiration Jerry Fuchs passed away in a very tragic accident early Sunday morning in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from being one of America's most amazing living drummers, he was also one of our truest and dearest friends. Along with all of his many other friends and family, we are unbelievably devastated by his passing. He was one of the most generously gifted souls we've ever known, and his friendship has had a profound effect on us. He squandered nothing in his time on this earth, and we intend to celebrate and honor his existence by living our own lives to those same standards. We miss you terribly, Jerry.

From NME:!!!/48279

Share your condolences on Maserati's MySpace page.


I didn't know much of the band, but after some digging, I found something I like and I hope you do too.

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