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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sherwood don't get it right with Maybe This Time

I don't get it... what the hell are they running from

Maybe This Time - Music Video

Sherwood | MySpace Video

Sherwood's new video is for "Maybe This Time," and I'm not quite sure about the irony of the song title. Look at it this way, the band runs around aimlessly (or so it appears) until the very uneventful conclusion of the video where you're still left wondering why you just wasted 3 and a half minutes watching it. Now, if you go back and watch again, look at all the fun they could have had. Start with just throwing their instruments down, why couldn't they have just gone all Pete Townshend and destroyed everything? Or stealing a bike, may have stolen the kid's hula hoop as well. I mean really, if you're going to run around like a bunch of clowns, at least do something entertaining, Maybe NEXT Time....

on to the real news:
  • Weezer's snuggie is finally available, in an ununique twist, you buy the snuggie, you get the new album.
  • a little late on this, but there may still be some available: Mobile and Bieler Bors are giving away free CDs
  • Armor For Sleep has officially broken up - The official word

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