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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Phosphorescent, British news interview leads to opening slot for David Gray

I'm giving you this one as it was delivered to me -

Last fall, Phosphorescent bassist Jeff Bailey is watching a primetime news show when British songwriter David Gray appears for an interview. The interviewer inquires as to what Gray is listening to on his iPod and he responds, “Frank Sinatra, and an album called Pride by Phosphorescent.” We were admittedly skeptical, but upon doing a quick internet search, we found Gray singing the praises of Phosphorescent to Entertainment Weekly and a Spin review of a David Gray performance, which mentions that Gray opened the show by, “emerging from the darkness to the narcotic strains of Phosphorescent's 'Cocaine Lights'." High praise from an unexpected fan, but we are thrilled that David Gray and Willie Nelson are two of Phosphorescent’s biggest champions.

A month or so passes and then something even more unexpected happens. An email shows up in the inbox of Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck from Gray himself, with enthusiastic support for the music and an open ended invitation to open any of Gray’s upcoming tour dates. Phosphorescent accepted the invite and will soon be hitting the road with Gray throughout the United States and Europe. The tour dates are posted below.

- the word on Phosphorescent's new album is that it's nearly completed for Secretly Canadian. No word on a date yet.

yup, twitter's still working -
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