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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Linfinity presents Martian's Bloom on April 27

hopefully lots on tap today, could be busy at the FT job, so updates may not be as frequent, but the inbox is booming - also just tapped into another source for you new-age jazz fans, we've got lots of new stuff on the way

Linfinity is finally hitting the release market. The debut from the NY 6-piece is titled Martian's Bloom and will be out on April 27. Fronted by Dylan Von Wagner, they put out an EP in 2007, followed by a demos album (solo acoustic) prior to this full band piece scheduled for April.

Currently, the band includes Russ lemkin (drums) and Josh Collins (guitar), Megan Berson (violin). American Myth is putting out the new album.

some quick notes from Warner's ILG -
  • Allison Moorer has some shows lined up in NYC for her new album due Feb 9
  • Freeway is doing a "Stimulus Package" in the northeast as part of his album primer
  • Wrath and Rapture are releasing Self-Titled Feb 16
and an early twitter check -
  • New Filthy Dukes tshirts, bags, vinyl
  • from Stereogum: Of Montreal covers Jackson 5 & Susan Sarandon spanks a pig with a ruler
  • John Doe is working on a new TV show, similar to Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Word is it would be a show tackling regional American music.
  • video of Marc Rizzo covering Pantera's "Mouth For War"
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