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Friday, January 29, 2010

Quadron coming Mar 23

First off, I'm eliminating most of the ads from the site today. Google isn't doing much for the ads and most of them seemed to be irrelevant to music. I will be looking for a new host soon, as the site continues to grow I will be looking for something to offset the cost of maintaining the site.

and now for the stuff you came here for:

My apologies for not getting a link up for "Average Fruit" the first single from Quadron's s/t debut due Mar 23 on Plug Research, but I didn't know about it until Wednesday.

The single was available for free on Monday on KCRW, as the band was featured on the station all day.

Regardless, the soulful, experimental duo is releasing their debut in a couple months, and I will attempt to host the single with several others sometime this weekend. (my intentions are to add a weekly post with free mp3s that I'll keep available for about a month.)

BTW, I love the album cover here.

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