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Friday, January 29, 2010

Under Byen set to get lost in April

They hail from Denmark and their name means 'Under the City.' The band is Under Byen, and they're set to release their fourth album, Alt Er Tabt (All Is Lost) on April 6 on Paper Bag Recs.

The new album marks the band's first since 2006, and it's suggested that the new work is the band's most direct to date.

"A lot has happened in the band since we released Samme Stof Som Stof four years ago," says Nils Gröndahl. "Thorbjørn, who played the piano, has left the band, and being without him has in some way turned us into a new band. He wrote most of the music, but on Alt Er Tabt everyone in the band has contributed to the songwriting."

newsletters are getting thin again -
  • Universal is slated to get Nick Jonas & The Administration, Lil Wayne out on Feb 2 and Josh Turner and ALO on Feb 9
  • These New Puritans will be supporting The XX on their UK/European tour
  • Gyratory System is releasing another EP, this one's called Yowser Yowser Yowser, then it'll be remixed in March for an additional release (Angular)
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