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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Club 8 returns with album 7

For album number 7, Sweeden's Club 8 are expanding their boundaries. The People's Record marks the duo's first record where they brought in an external producer (songwriter Johan Angergard produced the first six), and this year, the band is looking at actually performing in front of an audience and talking to media/blogs about their work.

"We're never going to be a band that do two hundred interviews a year and tour two months in a row. But I can see now that it can be of great use sometimes to meet the people who listen to your music." - Karolina Komstedt (Club 8 vocalist)

While there's no word on dates or specifics on interviews yet, the promise of a more open Club 8 should give fans something more to hang on for 2010.

The new album is due on Labrador Records on May 18.

1. Western hospitality
2. Isn't that great?
3. Shape up!
4. Dancing with the mentally ill
5. My pessimistic heart
6. Back to A
7. Like me
8. Be mad, get ill, be still
9. We're all going to die
10. The people speak

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