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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deer Tick emerge with The Black Dirt Sessions

So the most unique part of this post might be that NBC's Brian Williams loves this band. You know, sometimes it really surprises me to find out what other celebrities are listening to.

The scoop is that Deer Tick is back with The Black Dirt Sessions, their 3rd album, due on June 8 on Partisan.

One big change fans can expect to see is a slight change in the sound based off the addition of new guitarist Ian O'Neil (Titus Andronicus), who replaces Andy Tobiassen.

The country-rock band from Providence, RI, also has some support from the troops, even landing several spots on Pentagon TV. They've also finished up a documentary which is due sometime later this year.

2. Twenty Miles
3. Goodbye, Dear Friend
4. Piece By Piece, Frame By Frame
5. Sad Sun
6. Mange
7. When She Comes Home
8. Hand In My Hand
9. I Will Not Be Myself
10. Blood Moon
11. Christ Jesus

my apologies for no late posts yesterday, afternoon at the doc with one of the girls, plus news of my grandmother's passing; we'll start with some news from the blogs I follow -
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