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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Desolation Wilderness split brings an Electric Sunset

Desolation Wilderness have called it quits. Band head Nic Zwart has moved from Olympia to San Francisco, where he's already working on a new project called Electric Sunset.

Desolation WIlderness released 2 full lenghts and a couple of 7" singles over their short career. Electric Sunset will release it's debut album in September on K Records.

here's the official post from the Desolation Wilderness blog:

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey readers! We decided to call it quits with the band. I'm moving to San Francisco in a couple days and it feels like the right time to give it up. We had a lot of fun but we're all moving on in various ways. Thanks to everyone who bought an album or came to a show. Also, the people who set shows up for us and/or housed us are all really great. It made a big difference to a tiny band from Olympia.

Like I said, I'm moving to San Francisco, so if someone who reads this lives there and wants to hang out, get in touch! I have a new band which is called Electric Sunset, and that is what I'll be working on in the bay area. You can hear the songs if you want:


Otherwise, take it easy and hopefully I'll see you again!
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