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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing Kari Ann Peniche

Ok, you may know who Kari Ann Peniche is, but I have no freakin clue, even after reading all the stuff in her bio.

The relevant info is that her debut single, "U and Me and Tiger Makes 3" hit online superpowers this past Tuesday (Feb 2). It's a top 40 tune, so I wouldn't get real excited about earth-changing music. And no, the reference to Tiger Woods doesn't indict her as one of Tiger's mistrisses. The single comes from HOR Entertainment/Records. I can't make this stuff up, just warning you.

Peniche is a "celebrity." Maybe best known for getting booted from VH1's Celebrtiry Sex Rehab by the infamous Dr. Drew, Peniche has quite the history of sexual controversy. She originally was named Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss US Teen, but was stripped of her titles after appearing in Playboy.

Now, Peniche is using her own apparent affairs and stealing some of Tiger Woods' thunder (by taking his name for her song) to put out a record. She's also slated for another shot at Dr. Drew with Celeb Rehab 3.

Here's a couple streams for you: WINDOWS/REAL

on that note, let's get to some music that might actually matter -
  • Gaudi is releasing No Prisoners on Six Degrees on Mar 23. There's also a contest to remix parts of the song "Bad Boy Bass" to win some free stuff + getting your remix released in digital format
  • Ever been caught reading your teenage daughter's magazines? Now you won't have to feel so guilty, The Audition has a piece in the new J-14 discussing their new album and their crushes
  • Aiden's live CD/DVD now has cover art
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