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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing a new label: Velocity Records

taking this straight from the email:

Velocity Records Forms And Starts Imprint With Rise

Dave Shapiro (Booking Agent at The Agency Group, Los Angeles) and Portland, Oregon’s Rise Records are pleased to announce their recent partnership to create a new imprint in the Rise Records family- Velocity Records. Dave Shapiro will own and run the new label with the help of the Rise team, and will be working directly with Rise on all upcoming and future projects. This exciting new partnership will further develop the successful working relationship that Shapiro and Rise already have together, which can most notably be seen in the current popularity of metalcore buzz band The Devil Wears Prada, who they have worked with together since late 2006. This is only the beginning of what can be expected to result from this pairing. Velocity Records will be making its first official announcement very soon so please keep both Velocity and Rise on your radar, as there will be much more to come.

more updates -
  • Breathe Carolina video for "Hello Fascination"
  • The Wild joins Asian Man based off a tip from Joe Queer. Set Ourselves Free will be released May 11 on Asian Man
  • Asian Man also reissuing several albums on vinyl: Bomb The Music Industry!' To Leave or Die in Long Island & Good Bye Cruel World & Album Minus Band
  • along with new stuff: For the Win's S/T Apr 13; Laura Stevenson & The Cans' A Record Apr 13; The Hot Toddies' Get Your Heart On (May 11); Kudrow/Hard Girls split 7" (May/June); Andrew Jackson Jihad's Candy Cigarettes Capguns Issue Problems & Such (June) Matt Skiba's Demos (July/Aug)
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