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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Introducing Southern Belle

Give me a name like Southern Belle, and I'll give you a group of nearing their prime women from down south who sound something like a cross between The Dixie Chicks and The Donnas.

But no, that's not this Southern Belle. This Southern Belle is the project of Isom Innis, a Boston native who's out to make a name for himself by "cherry-picking members from his favorite Boston bands. It is true he's originally from the south (Nashville) and he named his new project for his sister Isabella.

Over the last year, he's performed with Neon Indian, The Antlers, Editors and Designer Drugs working on his debut EP, Walk Out.

“I used to have this Johnny Greenwood quote taped up on my wall in high school that said: ‘We don’t set out to break barriers, we just copy our favorite records.’ - Innis

with any luck you've got me for the next hour or so -
  • Another anniversary, this time it's New Zealand's Arch Hill celebrating 10 years, taking place this Sunday beginning at 3 with a BBQ from 5-7 p.m.
  • Surf City has new Zealand dates
  • Street Chant is working the New Zealand clubs prepping for their debut album due on Arch Hill later this year. They just opened for The Dead Weather for 7 nights in Australia & New Zealand, thx to Jack White's request. Video for "Scream Walk"
  • The Clean have a new vid for "Are You Really on Drugs"
  • Family Cactus signed to Arch Hill, they released their debut last year, distributed through Sony
  • from Twitter - Monumental Tracks interviews Geoff Useless
  • Roadside Graves interview @ Steropathic Music
  • Onward to Olypas talks to AudioOpinions
  • Joe Sib talks California Calling with Fuel TV
  • new Mean Jeans video
  • Carrie Brownstein talks about the new Quasi record

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