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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Girls cover Beach House and you can get it for free!

It's another freebie. This time, it's Little Girls covering "10 Mile Stereo" by Beach House. Josh McIntyre (aka Little Girls) loves the Beach House new album and wanted to pay tribute with his version. No word on if the song will see a true release anywhere, but

Little Girls is doing a 7" split with Pirate Love on Best of Both Records. Little Girls are doing a track called "////////" (again no word in this p.r. about the Pirate Love song). The split is the 2nd of the Best of Both Records series where they give artists from Toronto and Oslo a chance to get on the same record. The first featured Serena Maneesh and Slim Twig.

The new 7" is due before SXSW.

more inbox initiation -
  • Plants and Animals have announced their Canadian tour; more dates coming for other areas (i.e. USA)
  • Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms have a few dates in Quebec
and living for twitter is addictively dangerous -
  • Livid Records signs Lil Daggers
  • Coalesce spring tour with Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth
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