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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Octopus Project to debut Hexadecagon

Luckily The Octopus Project doesn't have far to travel to debut Hexadecagon. The Austin band has made plans to perform 2 free shows on Friday, March 19 on the rooftop plaza of Whole Foods @ SXSW.

The piece is slated to be a literal "Surround sound immersion experience with original music and video"

straight from the band -

We're tremendously excited to announce the project we're knee-deep in creating right now...

As you may have guessed from the title of this web page, it's called HEXADECAGON. That's the geometrical term for a sixteen-sided object, and we chose it because the show we're working on is being written for an eight-channel sound and eight-channel video system: a sixteen-sided audiovisual panorama!

The eight speakers will be set up in a circle surrounding the audience, who will in turn be surrounding us (the band), set up in the middle of the whole shebang with eight images projected overhead. With this setup in mind, we can send all or part of the music spinning around in a circle or jumping from point to point across the space, or put completely different elements in each speaker, putting you and us in the middle of a crazy array of sounds. Add to that the video, which can run in tight synchronization with the sounds (following them around the circle) or behave completely differently, and the possibilities are endless! We're having a blast inventing these songs, building the electronics (the Bend Matrix) / working with the software (Ableton Live, VDMX, OSCulator), and shooting the video (our pal Wiley Wiggins is running the video department - thanks, Wiley!).

There aren't enough synonyms for 'excited' to describe how enthused, ecstatic and generally psyched we are to share this with you - hope it sounds like a good time to all y'all and that you can make plans to party with us!

The Octopus Project

almost caught up -
  • 1349 have a date for Demonoir, due April 27 on Prosthetic
  • same day, Mantric will drop The Descent on Prosthetic
  • Through The Eyes of the Dead co-headlining The Road to Metalfest
  • Vindan and the Zion Band releasing a new album on Per Capita on March 15
  • Mondo Boys mixtape on Aquarium Drunkard - free download
  • lineup for Oxford's Double Decker Fest
  • Cauldron on Hellbound Radio Sunday nite 9 p.m.

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