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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Under Byen show off new video

I've got a lot to tell you today, so let's get started -

About 2 weeks ago we got word that Under Byen was set to release their coming album, Alt Er Tabt on Paper Bag Records (Apr 6).

Now, they've entered phase two of the promotional stage with a video for "Alt Er Tabt"

Under Byen "Alt Er Tabt" from the album Alt Er Tabt. from Paper Bag Records on Vimeo.

Thoughts? Liked the song (my personal introduction to the band) and the video was well, interesting. Although I think it would have been better if the cabinets hadn't been cardboard - kind of took from the overall effect seeing the ease of ripping out cardboard boxes dressed up as cabinets.

Anyway, Sidse Carstens directed the video. Word is (from Stereogum's video premiere) "she's commenting on 'how women of today still have to tear down their conception of perfection.'"

Lots of newsletters today -
  • Prosthetic will get Ov Hell's debut album, The Underworld Regime out on April 13. The black metal group essentially acquired the album after their other bands (Gorgorath and God Seed) failed to capitilize on the music.
  • Through the Eyes of the Dead start their tour Monday
  • Skeletonwitch's headlining tour begins Wednesday
  • Acacia Strain's live DVD finally sees light of day Tuesday
  • the rest of the newsletter's old news from Landmine Marathon, Animals as Leaders
I ain't gonna work on Twitter's farm no more -
  • As My World Burns has a new MySpace layout
  • Capusle's "Tape+Demo+Tour+More" LP due Apr 13 on robotic Empire
  • White Wizzard discuss tour highlights
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