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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you know The Chain Gang of 1974?

The Chain Gang of 1974 is the new project of Kamtin Mohager, who's just releasing his new album, White Guts (self-released). If Mohager's name sounds familiar, it probably means you like 3OH!3, as he's the band's touring bassist.

Here, with TCG1974, Mohager relies on himself, his bass, a cowbell and an iPod. At least that's how his project started, earning lots of live shows and some nice press in the Denver area. The project is now a full band, which gives Mohager more room to create.

Thus far, he's drawn comparisons to early David Byrne, Jesus & Mary Chain, and a few other Britrock types. He and two of his three brothers also grew up idolizing Oasis, even forming a band that nearly signed to a label deal before splitting up.

In his own words - “I’ve always been a fan of pop music” says 24-year-old Kamtin Mohager in an interview in his home, a Rushmore poster hanging on the wall behind him. It may be a truly transitive language though as he notes, “blend everything successfully to throw a twist on the sound is up to the artist- some of whom he thinks- should just go away to make the world a better place.”

and finally, if you want to know what TCG1974 sounds like, you're in luck, here's "Stop"

can you dig it -
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  • NOFX touring with Teenage Bottlerocket & Tony Sly
  • The Whigs on David Letterman tomorrow
  • Bieler Bros have teamed with The Central Hockey League for some free songs, cd's and a guitar contest
  • Jackpot Records have announced their anual Film & Music Fest will run from April 26-30 at the Hollywood Theatre.
  • Quasi instore @ Jackpot Records
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