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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you want to know What Laura Says?

What Laura Says is a Phoenix, AZ band who is releasing their second album, Bloom Cheek, on June 8 on Terpsikhore Records. Just imagine all the fun possibilities this band could have with album titles and that band name, Walmart wouldn't be able to sell a damn thing.

Anyway, The band began in 2003 as an acoustic duo (James Mulhern & Danny Godbold). In 2006, they brought on a rhythm section and multi-instrumentalist to become a more traditional 5 piece band.

and since i don't have anything else to tell you about the band, how about a couple freebies

"Training" - i love the little "Stop That Pigeon" (Dastardly & Mutley theme) progression around the chorus
"I Suppose"

this is all i've got for now -
  • Anti Flag is releasing a new 7" on Paper & Plastick on April 27. 300 copies, so get yours quickly.
  • Neon Trees is the iTunes Single of the Week this week. It's their song "Animal"
  • Cute Lepers' Can't Stand Modern Music LP to be repressed on Glow in the Dark Vinyl by 1234 Go Records. due to ship April 6
  • Exene Cervenka is set to do an instore @ 1234 Go Records on April 10
  • Snareburst to release Beta on Intolerance May 4 - new vid for "RGB" is complete
  • A Day to Remember premiered their new vid on MTV
  • OTEP new vid on Shockhound
  • Bury Your Dead new vid on Zune - gotta have the software to see it, so here's a link to Victory

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