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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jason Ajemian introduces Daydream Full Lifestyles

here comes some good stuff, finally lined up with a company who's working with a ton of abstract & improv musicians -

Our first redirect is for bassist Jason Ajemian. Ajemian started a new band called Daydream Full Lifestyles, enlisting Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground Duo/Trio, Isotop 217), Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground Duo/Trio, Iron & Wine, Sam Prekop) and Tony Malaby (Paul Motian, Charlie Haden) for the first record (vinyl only) Protest Heaven due on May 4 on 482 Music.

Reportedly, the music grew from Ajemian's musical relationships (primarily) with Tayor and Mazurek.

In his own words - “I was a huge fan,” he says. “I’m really good friends with all of them. Soon enough, he was playing with the pair in the trio, and in Mazurek's Mandarin Movie & Exploding Star Orchestra, and also gigging weekly with Parker.

Ajemian continues. “In 2005 Tony talked to me about putting some music together. Tony was really into the UG guys, as well, and those guys into Tony,” The bassist didn’t expect his bandmates to insist it be his music. “Oh great,” he recalls thinking, laughing. “I’m a little younger and these guys are pretty well-established. And I’m trying to figure out how to get enough work (on my own name) to keep it afloat.”
“I’m not putting out a jazz record that sounds like the next jazz record,” Ajemian says. “Some things I do are heavily improvised, some are conceptual big band music. My thing is more about concepts. How is this thing gonna sound? It sounds like this but you arrange it a little more like that. The beautiful thing about it is we’re all improvisers, so we know how to get into things. It causes this constant catalyst of motion.”

here's the highlights from a couple newsletters before we get into the tweets -
  • The Gaudi remix contest is over and you can hear the winning remixes here
  • likewise, the David Starfire remix contest is over and you can listen to the winner
  • Go Radio streaming "Goodnight Moon" from their coming EP on MySpace
  • Friction Fest full lineup is announced, and tickets will be shipped soon
  • Carniflex new vid for "Hell Chose Me" courtesy Revolver
  • Taproot just finished shooting a video for "Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)" from their new album. The song will begin streaming on Myspace on April 1 & the video will premiere on April 15 on Yahoo
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