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Sunday, March 28, 2010

the lowdown on Sara Jackson-Holman

Sara Jackson-Holman will release her new album, When You Dream on May 25 (Expunged Records).

The 21 year old pianist/singer is from Bend, Oregon and has already been linked to Feist, Adele and Norah Jones. The 11 track album is her debut and is getting some early attention from the press.

She got hooked up with Expunged afer a chance encounter with Blind Pilot (who is on Expunged).

"I had seen Blind Pilot and fell in love with their music," explains Jackson-Holman. "I wrote on their Myspace wall. It was a typical fan post, telling them I loved their music and asking if they were planning to come back through anytime soon. Their label was looking through their comments one day, randomly clicked on my picture, heard my music, and wrote me asking if I had a demo CD."

this is probably it for today, other than some release date page updates & a review of Black Robot's new album -
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