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Friday, March 5, 2010

me ranting about Havoc

Is it just me, or does it frustrate anyone else when someone makes an awful error, especially when you know they are making more money than you are doing the job you want. The reason I say that, is last night I was bored, so I watched some vids on Havoc On Demand. The first one, Anti-Flag's "When All The Lights Go Out" (I think) and Havoc decided Side One Dummy (A-F's current record label) should now be called One Side Dummy. Then while watching their scrolling pathetic excuse for interesting info below, they had a word like Class or bass or something that ended with 2 's' only they added a third. We all make mistakes, but seriously, how do corporations like that not hire editors that can actually catch shit like that....

now for what you're here for (see next post) 

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