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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds coming in late May

I realize band names are getting tough to come by lately, but does Tomorrow's Bad Seeds make anybody else think Nick Cave's got a new generation taking over his band???

This band (from Hermosa Beach) is releasing a new album, Sacred For Sale on May 25. The first single, "Slow Down" can be found on more than a couple music sites already.

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds (I refuse to recognize them as TBS or The Bad Seeds, both monikers are dropped in the band's bio/news briefs) have a full tour schedule available and you can watch a video from the band for the first single by downloading it from Body Glove's iTunes podcast.

that's all I've got to say on that one, so how about some more info on some other artists you may love just as much -
  • Marching Band's "Another Day" video premiered on Filter. Their new album Pop Cycle is out May 18
  • exclusive interviews with The Runaways
  • why do i bother - Backstreet Boys tour dates - my question, which i hope to never learn the answer personally is - do they actually sing or are they milli vanilli-ing it???
  • preview of the new Jack Johnson single "You and Your Heart" - i hope you're sitting down for this, it sounds exactly like everything else he's ever done
  • and finally i'm excited, Spoon is headlinging Maha Fest 2010 in Omaha, much better than Dashboard last year, might even get me to go

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