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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

meet May 68 and get a free download

We're gonna kick off Tuesday with some info about a new-er UK indie dance band.

May68 was named for an "explosive month in French history." The apparent thought behind their name was "to overturn the Manc music estaplishment in favour of the little-represented electro scene." From the band - “Our plan was to try and unify the best elements of dance music and pop music to create something fresh, warm and exciting, that would inspire people and make them dance."

Sound good? The group comes from Sheffield, Paris, Runcorn and Bradford and have toured with We Have Band, Delphic, The Juan Maclean and Glass Candy.

They've got a new 7" coming out with the single "My Way" (March 15) and are also giving away a version of "The Duke is Dead." (as well as an alternate Egyptian Hip Hop Remix version). For more info see their MySpace page

what else do you want to know?
  • That new OK Go that video is out
  • John Hiatt is giving away free downloads of "The Open Road"
  • The Fall of Troy is breaking up, your final chance to see them is this spring
  • new videos from Gonjasufi's new album are up
  • Jamie Lidell is releasing Compass on Warp on May 18 - listen to the title track
  • Flying Lotus has some samples up from their coming space opera Cosmogramma
  • Autechre is releasing Oversteps at Bleep on Mar 23
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