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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ZZK Records turns 2

Haven't heard of ZZK before? That's ok, neither had I.

ZZK is a growing label in South America. Having released 17 albums already and helped showcase over 100 shows in 50 different cities, the label is making a name for themselves.

Here's a few items from some of their artists to get you clued in:

Las Americas V. 1 was released on Feb. 16 prior to the label's Zizek party.

Tremor has a new video and will be making a return to Europe this summer. - this was awesome, the kind of shit my wife would tell me i'm crazy for listening to it.

King Coya played to 20,000 at a Carnival Show in Brazil

Fauna just came back from Europe

Chancha Via Circuito & El Remolon both have new albums in the works.

The Frikstailers finishing up their debut EP & LP + a new music video

Douster has toured 4 continents already

Lagartijeando is releasing a new EP on vinyl next week

for more on ZZK

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