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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeremy Messersmith launches pre-tour scavenger hunt

Have I ever mentioned I love a good gimmick??? I thought so.

I also enjoy scavenger hunts, although I don't know that I've ever completed one....

Jeremy Messersmith has a Twitter based scavenger hunt organized. Of course to take part you've got to be in/around Minneapolis, but if you like good ideas, check out Messersmith's website.

The hunt is coinciding with the release of his new album, The Reluctant Graveyard, due out next week (comes w/ poster pictured below)

I'm also slightly confused as to how it's going to take him 9 days to travel 45 miles at the beginning of his tour (Omaha May 1 to Lincoln May 9 is about 45-50 minutes at the speed limit) - and yes my "confusion" is a figure of speech

May 1 Omaha, NE - Slowdown

May 7 Minneapolis, MN - The Cedar Cultural Center w/The Mynabirds
May 8 Latitude 44 - Sioux Falls, SD
May 9 Lincoln, NE - Duffy's Tavern
May 10 Denver, CO - Hi-Dive
May 13 San Diego, CA - Lestats
May 14 Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe
May 15 Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg THeater
May 19 San Francisco, CA - Hotel Utah
May 20 Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
May 21 Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's Garage
May 22 Seattle, WA - High Dive (early show)
May 28 New York, NY - Joe's Pub
June 5 Chicago, IL - Do Division Street Festival
June 10 Boston, MA - Cafe 939
June 11 Washington D.C. - Velvet Lounge
June 14 Ann Arbor, MI - The Ark
June 15 Evanston, IL - SPACE
June 16 Iowa City, IA - The Mill
June 18 Milwaukee, WI - Club Giribaldi's
June 21 Lexington, KY - Natashia's
June 22 Nashville, TN - 3rd and Lindsley
June 23 Atlanta, GA - Smith's Olde Bar
June 28 Austin, TX - Stubb's

an Asian Man Newsletter -
  • Head over to to hear a new track from Kevin Seconds and The Wild
  • The Hot Toddies new album has been delayed to July 13 - production issues; but both CD/Vinyl versions WILL be available at the record release show June 5 in SF
  • The Max Levine Ensemble is working on artwork for their coming 7" titled Them Steadily Depressing, Low Down Mind Messing Post Modern Recession Blues
  • Sundowner record date is still in the air, but AM Mike is "guessing" August 10
  • The Matt Skiba Demos album will also be available on the 10th and he's looking for suggestions on vinyl colors - see the cover here
have i ever mentioned that Mike's newsletter is my favorite to look forward to every week. so easy to read and simple to feed on to you. see you tomorrow

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