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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maha Music v 2.0

When you came back to this town

You brought this weather with you
A silver sun that won't go down
They've got you down the
Pulled you to the ground
Smothered you with kisses
I said/felt I know what he misses
About this crowd

And I ask you: "Does your hometown care?"

Friends in the back
Leave the driver to his ways/wings
One more sick display
I think I could swallow that piss
Have a second guess
Give a secret test
You think you must be passing
But your gravity passed

And I ask you: "Does your hometown care?"

~ Superchunk

I've lived in Omaha for all but 2 years of my life and have long wondered that exact question about music. Growing up, we had a new "alternative" radio station come out of nowhere and force a great modern rock station off the air in the mid '90s, only to go country within about 18 months.

While in college, I went to shows as varied as possible, seeing everybody from Fugazi to Juliana Hatfield to Jon Spencer and Weapon of Choice, yet the immature jocks of Omaha were found moshing to everybody (Hatfield included).

Then a few years ago, while I was living in another barren midwest town (Des Moines), a few guys from Omaha started to turn things around by opening two great rock clubs, The Slowdown and The Waiting Room. Their desire to make a difference in Omaha has been outstanding, bringing in artists that are worth seeing, plus a few to make some money.

The one thing that seemed to be missing was the festival. Sure we'd seen some moving festivals come through, but none of the majors - no Lolla, no Warped, etc. And we never had one to really call our own.

Until last year. The Maha Music Festival began in 2009 with a small bang. For work reasons - I had to - I wasn't able to attend the first festival, and while it would have been fun, the band list left me uninspired. The show was headlined by Dashboard Confessional and apart from the opener (The Appleseed Cast) I had no real desire to see any of the other artists at last years event.

For 2010, that story is dramatically different. I'm not sure if it's because the promoters have had more time to talk to bands or just getting the first one out of the way helps open the door for future years, but I'm already way more excited for Maha 2010 than I could have possibly been for 2009.

A couple weeks ago, the announcement was made that Spoon would be headlining.

Spoon - Written in Reverse from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Prior to this year, Spoon had never fallen into my lap. And had it not been for a good friend at work who recommended their new album, Transference, to me, who knows if it would have happened. I'm still in the process of catching up on their past material.

Then yesterday, Superchunk, Old 97s and The Faint, were added to the bill.

Oh my. I don't have any stories about Old 97s or The Faint, but Superchunk, I'm giddee with glee.

Apart from their song listed above, the main reason I found Superchunk in the mid 90s was courtesy of my all time fave band, Sonic Youth -

pathetic huh? Regardless, that song inspired me to buy Indoor Living and the rest is history. I'm still not completely caught up with all of Superchunk's past material, but know enough to know they will be my personal band of choice for Maha 2010, but only by a slim margin as the entire bill (thus far) is fabulous.

And maybe now, after all these years, I finally have an answer to that Superchunk song.

Yes they do!

and now back to your regular scheduled programming - which will include a review of Black Market's new cd later today

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