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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My take on the Supergrass split

I'm not so sure why, but this has been a bummer for me today.

Now, I've never been a huge Supergrass fan, only have two albums - Supergrass and the double album In It For The Money.

In fact, my first exposure to the band was dare I say revolting. Like many music fans in the mid '90s, my first experience with Supergrass came from their Clueless sdtk appearance and probably some 120 Minutes stuff on MTV with "Alright"

here's a refresher for you

A couple years later, "Pumping on Your Stereo" came out as a single and reinvigorated my interest in the band, to the point I actually wanted to hear some of their music, not to mention the original video was superb.

Unfortunately, my best story about Supergrass, could have been so much more exciting had a few friends and myself actually talked to the band when we saw them in Milwaukee (I think.)
It was summer of 2000, three friends and I were about to journey on a road trip taking us to see Pearl Jam w/ Supergrass in 4 cities in 5 days. The opener was Milwaukee (Alpine Valley?) and as we rolled into town, driving around trying to find the venue, the hotel, etc, we passed what seemed to be a vacant soccer field.

The field was in the general vicinity of the venue, and as we rolled past we saw a tour bus and at least three guys outside of it kicking the ball around. I don't remember the time of day or the "phony" reason we didn't stop, but we were 100% positive it was Supergrass, as one of the guys playing around looked completely like Gaz Coombes.

We were close enough to slow down/stop near them where we were majestically mature enough in our mid 20s to roll down the window and yell to the band. Sadly, the best we could come up with was "Hey, Supergrass."

I remember vividly, the UK lads looking at us, almost in shock that they were recognized on a Pearl Jam tour in Wisconsin. They even appeared to want us to join them. Yet for whatever reason (fear of seeming like dorks and wanting to get to the hotel to start drinking - although in hind sight, I'm guessing we could have had way more party fun w/ Supergrass), we vanished.

The shows were all good, Supergrass was one of my favorite openers for Pearl Jam in the dozen or so shows I've seen.

I think we all have times in our lives that we could have done differently. Not that I would go back and change things, but the "what ifs" are always omnipresent when talking about missed opportunities.

On that note, I leave you with a fun cover of "Sun Hits The Sky" by a band called Marshmallow

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  1. btw, one of my friends that went to the show corrected me, the Supergrass close call was in St. Louis (show 3 of 4).