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Monday, April 5, 2010

New Hey Champ due this July

does this make you thirsty?

it's the middle of a monday afternoon and now all i can think about is alcohol and well, you know

the video isn't new, it's actually a few months old from Hey Champ, a trio of electro-pop kids from Chicago.

so if it's not new, why the hell am I wasting your time you ask? Hey Champ has decided on July 13 to release their debut album (Townie Records).
Not interested in the "electro-pop"? According to the press release, you shouldn't be too worried about that, they've opened/toured with acts as diverse as Vampire Weekend, Lupe Fiasco, Jet, Raekwon and Passion Pit, among others. The bottom line is you get a sense of some rock and some club music in this video and the likelihood is that's what the band's debut album, Star will give you as well.

want tour dates? - not much, but here's 3
05 - Los Angeles, CA - Dragonfly with Nightwaves (Binary Presents)

16 - Madison, WI - Memorial Hall (University of Wisconsin)
30 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

and yes, you can get that song for free, as well as a download of "Neverest" from Hey Champ's website

from twitter -

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