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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Vaus video for San Francisco

The work of Lyn Juhl Vaus grows on you. The first, second and even third listen of his recent long-player The Floating Celebration, takes hints from mod, the heydays of soul and bouncy psychadelia (a la The Mothers of Invention) but rarely does the thing ever fall flat. True, the vagabond (LA, Iran, Denmark) musician's kitty-kat-laden press pictures might share one tale, but his most recent album and music video present a starkly different one.

We'd like to present you with Vaus's video for the track "San Francisco" by Transsiberian, The Machinist, The Wire, and Fringe director BRAD ANDERSON. Following the exploding mind of our songwriter though a journey of abridged, found-footage collections of our country's '60s counterculture, burning dollar bills, cartoons and news blurbs (all the while an American flag bikini-clad bombshell dances along), the video is as much of a grower and trigger as the album can be for those willing to give it a few listens.

Considering the words of Vaus; "The world is skidding, so people dig it," we hope, by enjoying the exclusive video and the tunes, you'll find a way to dig into Vaus and his Floating Celebration

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