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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New video from Spirit Kid plus a little 420 fun a day late

I'm a little late on this one for my #420 series yesterday since my email shit out on me, so I'm gonna do you a favor and let you watch it right here with me.

This History of Weed vid features a Spirit Kid song. - my favorite part was in 1619... "All settlers REQUIRED to grow Cannabis"

while we're talking about Spirit Kid, here's a new vid from the Boston group called "My Imagination"

Spirit Kid "My Imagination" from avi paul weinstein on Vimeo.

watch for our review of Spirit Kid's new album coming next week.

the rest of the newsletter highlights -
  • Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance), Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Chris Corsano have a new band called Rangda. No word on an official release date (May) yet for their debut album False Flag, but it'll be from Drag City when it's done
  • Cave joined Drag City as well and will release a 12" called Pure Moods later this spring with a tour to come in June
  • Also from Drag City next month Elisa Randazzo's Bruises and Butterflies on May 18
  • you'll also find a reissue of Jeff Eubank's A Street Called Straight May 18
  • In June you may be able to see a new film called Trash Humpers as well as get the sdtk from Drag City, no word on the artists that I've seen as of yet
  • Bert Jansch is opening for Neil Young
  • Joanna Newsom tour dates
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