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Monday, April 5, 2010

Nurses play for a cast of naked people

I suppose this ChatRoulette thing is something we should get used to.

Next up on the ChatRoulette game is Nurses.

The story goes like this - On February 23rd, Nurses played a one-of-a-kind show, performing via webcam on ChatRoulette, the latest cyber-craze. For the uninitiated, ChatRoulette randomly pairs up participants for a one-on-one video chat, meaning that to find Nurses on the site, you had to venture through some uncharted (and very NSFW) waters. Using 15 computers to stream the show via ChatRoulette, the band played a wild set for some unsuspecting internet surfers. The band has since edited a version of new and unreleased song “So Sweet” into a music video, documenting the fun that went down on the internet that night.

and before I give you the link, I will tell you this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I was scrambling to get rid of the evidence just minutes ago

That said, here's "So Sweet"

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