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Friday, April 30, 2010

the only post I'm gonna make today - RIP

I spent much of my afternoon taking down a 60 foot chain link fence that was falling into a creek behind my house. Apart from the inherent dangers of me sliding down the rain-eroded banks that were barely containing half my fence, it wasn't that bad.

Upon my completion, my wife lets me know that has entered its final 31 days of existence.

I discovered Lala several years ago, and I don't remember how, but I was drawn to the site because they allowed CD Trading. Essentially, you paid $1 to cover S&H on the disc you receive and you send another to anybody else. You built want and have lists from the site's huge database and while getting something classic was rare, it was an easy way to get rid of the "mistakes" you've made and replenish with albums you missed or a shot in the dark.

After a couple years of this, Lala broke their original model and attempted to become a site similar to Rhapsody, iTunes or Napster, where you could stream and purchase music at your leisure. The cost was easy, and so was finding an artist/song, which I can't say the same thing about Napster or iTunes.

It took me a while to get in on the streaming, and while many of my friends were praising or Pandora, Lala's personal storage locker BLEW AWAY EVERYBODY!!!

If you're not aware of what a personal storage locker is - Lala gave the user the opportunity to UPLOAD all the music you want - read that again, no limits in space - and play any song from your own collection FREE at any time from any place you chose.

They had their issues, mislabeled songs, songs that wouldn't upload, etc. But the personal functionality was brilliant.

Anyway, about 6 months ago, iTunes sealed Lala's fate, by purchasing the fledgling company. As a longtime user of Lala, it was understood, that we were playing with a short time frame on the site.

This week, it became final. is closing it's doors on May 31, ending the reign of the greatest unknown music site of all time.

Now I'm not going to sit here and cry about this, but I am awfully pissed about it. I've been hunting for much of those six months to find another site that offers even close to the same functionality that Lala does/did. NOTHING! Everybody seems to have something Lala offers, but when you break it down to having that personal music storage locker, you end up limited  to like 50 gb (ooh 100 songs will do me oh so well - please, that's pathetic) or you have to pay for the locker space.

I'm not opposed to paying, although after being spoiled for several years now, paying extra for music I already own is not in my vocabulary.

So, my two loyal readers, I ask you this... Are there any sites that offer the possibility of

1- uploading all my music 10,000+ songs to their site for free
2- listening from anywhere at any time
3- is not in jeopardy of being shut down by some large corporation that wants to kill any good competition or digest their employees to steal ideas - in other words, even if the rumored transition iTunes may or may not be making is true - I'm not in.


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