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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The return of Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham is back??? I had no idea she was still around - in case you don't know who Ms. Bonham is, try this as a refresher (circa 1996)

The scoop here is Masts of Manhatta - that's right there's no 'n' there - will be released on July 13 by Engine Room Recs. It's her first new album in 5 years - another surprise to me - and was mixed by Tchad Blake (Tom Waits, Los Lobos) and features Smokey's Roundup as the backing band. The feature artist in Smokey's Roundup being Smokey Hormel (Tom Waits, Beck, Norah Jones).

What does all this mean? I have no freakin clue, but Bonham does - "The City versus Country theme threads through the record," says Bonham. "This is our life at the moment: the balance of nature and the big city. Longing to be surrounded by nature, to get back to a quiet and balanced life, but needing to be in the city as working people/artists."

"We Moved Our City to the Country" tackles this dichotomy outright. "We find ourselves wanting to get away from the city, getting closer to nature, but unable to really walk the walk and finding most people doing the same: still attached to comforts - and our American suburban conveniences like Home Depot, Target, cell phones and wireless Internet," she observes.

Apparently the absense from music revolved around the centuries old tradition of falling in love and getting married. Now she's got more to sing about and you as the fan get to enjoy it, as she has several new tracks playing on her website.


1. Devil's Got Your Boyfriend
2. Your Sight Is Wide Open
3. Big Red Heart
4. Josephine
5. When You Laugh The World Laughs With You
6. We Moved Our City To The Country
7. Reciprocal Feelings
8. In the Moonlight
9. You're My Is-ness
10. Angel, Won't You Come Down?
11. I Love You Today

4/28 DUMBO Brooklyn, NY Galapagos Art Space
5/18 Tacoma, WA The Temple Theatre (with orchestra)
5/28 Woodstock, NY Bearsville Theatre w/members of Blondie & more
benefit for Woodstock Day School Scholarship fund
6/26 Beacon, NY Riverfront Park-Beacon RiverFest 2010 - free show

congrats for reading through all that, here's the other news fit to post -

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