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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sonic Dissonance feature - about me!

before I get started on the news stuff, here's the copy I was promising regarding the little Q&A I did for a new feature by Planetary New Media. The basics are the management company is featuring their favorite bloggers in a series where we answer some questions about themselves and their blog.

here's how it went down -

To start our new "Blog of the Week" feature, we zeroed in on one of our new favorites, Nebraska-based Sonic Dissonance. At first glance at the site, you can tell that this is a guy that loves music - genres be damned. If it moves him, he'll wrtite about it, and it's that sort of passion that should be celebrated in today's crazy music industry.

Read on, and most importantly, please visit Sonic Dissonance!

1. When and how did your site get started?

Sonic Dissonance has been around in some form of existence since early 2009. I started on and as my ideas for the site grew, it was way too obvious that I needed my own site for everything, so a quick search brought me to a free host, which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

2. Why did you decide to start the site? It was a natural progression.

I've been writing about music since the mid '90s when I was the entertainment editor for my college newspaper. I did a two year stint writing for a site called Then early last year, out of the blue, I received two new albums, one of which blew me away and I knew I was gonna be hooked again.

3. Where did the name come from?

I hated picking a name for the site. With all the different websites out there right now, I went through half a dozen names before I came up with Sonic Dissonance. Sonic Youth's my favorite band, so that's the first part of the name, then to do something different, I did a thesaurus hunt on Webster and came across Dissonance - A mingling of discordant sounds - and thought that sounded about right.

4. What kind of music do you look for to feature on your site?

I'll cover just about anything. I tend to find more success in my writing when I feature the alternative/modern rock/punk styles that I listen to more consistently. I have the most difficulty when I start getting into hardcore, black metal and electronica. So even if it's not in my forte, I'm glad to do anything to help out the hardworking bands/artists that need some attention.

5. Whats been your best experience(s) with your site?

I love interacting/talking with artists and love to get feedback from fans and readers. Of course getting to hear new music before everybody else is quite a perk as well.

6. What are your interests besides blogging?

Watching baseball and hockey and having a cold one.

7. Tell us something that would surprise people about your site or yourself.

You mean apart from growing up as a country boy?

8. Is there anything exciting we expect from your site in the future?

First up I will be adding a weekly podcast. I'm not sure when yet, but it'll happen as soon as I can get my computer out of the bedroom. I'm also floating around some ideas dealing with unsigned bands, online chats and a few other things that need their ducks in a row before they become a reality.

btw, that's a Murder City Devils hoodie I've got on in the photo above, it's nearing double digits in age and still fits like a charm.

Thanks to everybody for reading and visiting my site. Hope I help fill your day with something interesting most of the time.

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