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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trumpeter Swan Debuts With Listen For The Clues

runnin out of time today, so here's a couple straight from the emails -

Trumpeter Swan Debuts With Listen For The Clues

NEW YORK, NY (April 13, 2010) - TRUMPETER SWAN (aka Drew Patrizi) unveils its 12-song self-released debut album, LISTEN FOR THE CLUES. A founding member of the critically acclaimed Austin, Texas indie rock band What Made Milwaukee Famous, Patrizi created Trumpeter Swan in 2009 and called upon a talented cast of musicians to collaborate on the new project.

"I look at Trumpeter Swan as a new music adventure, something different from the traditional and predictable band presentation - it will be a project that can morph in size and scope based on whatever music I'm working on and whomever I'm lucky enough to collaborate with," says Patrizi. "It's not only a moniker for the music I create, but, the link and the pipeline into the musical part of my brain."

After calling Austin, TX home for nearly a decade, Patrizi (a native Oklahoman), moved to New York City and put the finishing touches on Listen For The Clues in early 2010. "Getting this album to the point of 'done' was a rollercoaster ride. I moved from Austin to New York just after recording all the tracks-so upon arriving in New York there was this moment of slight panic, 'I don't know anyone in NY and I have to get this album mixed and finished!' Luckily I came across Tom Beaujour and his Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ, so my routine from that point on was lots of time on trains between Brooklyn and Hoboken, and plenty of hours listening to the mixes in solitude, waiting for my train at 2am at the 14th St subway station."

Listen For The Clues features a stylistic thrill ride of lush, complex arrangements melded with sticky melodies, and warm, lo-fi acoustic guitar and piano. Cascades of jittery electronics and dark synths play out on more downbeat tracks, while gorgeous vocal harmonies temper carnival-esque poppy explosions of horns, strings, and guitars on others.

Fans can download "Loose Lips," the first track off Listen For The Clues, from RCRD LBL or at, where downloads of "Early Midlife Crisis," "Won't Come Back" and "Eternal Pessimist" are also available. Additionally, six of the albums tracks are currently streaming for a limited time at

Listen For The Clues is currently available at all digital retailers and physical copies are now available through

too short for full posts -
  • If you're trying to get the new Foxy Shazam digitally, you might have to look in several places. From the way it sounds, they've piece-mealed out the songs to different retailers - I might be wrong, but if I'm right, that's way too commercial of a move for me
  • Game will release his new R.E.D. Album on June 15 - exec produced by Game and Pharrell Williams
  • 3 contests for Braid vinyl reissues - The Tripwire, Threadless, Punknews
  • We Are The In Crowd streaming "Lights Out"

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