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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twenty year old Dead recording to be released in April

Back on July 7, 1989, The Grateful Dead rocked the cradle... of Liberty - alright I'm trying too hard.

That Philadelphia Concert at the worst professional sports field in the last half century, JFK Stadium, will be available in its entirety (3CD/1DVD) on April 20 (Rhino)

95,000 people attended that show, and while most of them probably won't remember going 21 years later, Crimson, White & Indigo will at least make them want to venture out in their volkswagon vans again.

The album will also be available digitally, but for those that like to hold their music, the 19 tracks (on 3 discs) will come packaged with a booklet of rare photos and an essay by Steve Silberman who coproduced the Dead's boxed set of previously unreleased recordings.

some of this I've probably mentioned already -

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