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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aussie's The Cat Empire to release Cinema on July 6

The Cat Empire is dropping Cinema on July 6. The Australian band is promising a wider tour of the US later in 2010.

in their own words - "This album has emerged out of a sound we have developed on stage over years of playing together," says singer and percussionist Felix Riebl. "In the past, we often pieced songs together in an eclectic cultural mix, but with this there is a much more integrated and unique Cat Empire sound that runs consistently through - the lyrics are perhaps darker, but they are accompanied by music that is often uplifting, so there's a strange, but powerful feeling to it."

Cinema Track Listing:

1. Waiting
2. Falling
3. Feelings Gone
4. Only Light
5. All Hell
6. Shoulders
7. The Heart Is A Cannibal
8. Reasonably Fine
9. Call Me Home
10. On My Way
11. Beyond All

Do you know what I know?
  • Alamance will release In The Moment on June 15 (Smack in the Face Recs)
  • Those Who Lie Beneath have a new video for "Awaken"
  • Tom Petty's added a couple more shows including St. Louis & a 2nd Darien Lake NY show. Plus, ZZ Top will open some shows in Sept & Oct.
  • Wilco is playing with Yo La Tengo in South Bend @ a baseball stadium on July 30.

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