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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boys Like Girls out for Prom night this weekend

hmmm, this may have actually gotten me to go to my prom way back when -

Seventeen Magazine and Columbia Records joined forces to bring Boys Like Girls to Bremen High School's senior prom on May 8 (South Bend, IN).

It was an Ultimate Prom contest where high schoolers made vids to try and draw out BLG to their own prom. Catch the winner's, Alicia Cauffman, video here

the prom @ Bremen high is also getting a free prom decoration makeover.

lots more to discuss today -
  • here's a vid from Nudedragons "covering" Soundgarden's "Beyond the Wheel" - clearly this was from the Soundgarden reunion show last month
  • if you've been waiting for the top 5 vids from the Roadrunner label, they're up - only thing I have to say is "Nickelback? Really???"
  • Joey Cape & Mike Hale have been announced as openers for the coming Bad Astronaut tour this summer
  • Austin Lucas' Collection album coming out on Suburban Home - the new album will put most of hs vinyl-only tracks onto one album
  • The Gamits to release The Halves and Half Knots this fall - recording begins June 5 (Suburban Home)

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