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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Concert Review - Against Me!, Dead to Me & The Menzingers

Over the past two decades (my concert lifeline), I've been to hundreds of shows, and I can't think of any lineup for an individual show where the three band's fit any better than the show I saw last night.

Added bonus number two: I hadn't seen any of the three bands on the bill live before (not entirely true, I did catch Against Me! opening an arena show for Foo Fighters, but that clearly doesn't count).

Let's start with our headliners. Against Me! is out on the road, prepping themselves for more touring. They look to be shaking off the dust and warming up to their new songs, some of which are on their recently released EP, I Was a Teenage Anarchist, the rest due in June on their new album, White Crosses.

From the get-go, it was clearly evident that Tom Gabel and co. were primed for the show. And while we witnessed a few dusty-flaws including a stumble on the intro to "Americans Abroad," Against Me! did appear to have their shit together, playing their boystrous, loud, fast post-punk style encouraging the raging crowd to mosh, slam and stage dive.

The interesting part of that is how the stage diving seemed to break off the dust for the two stagehands strategically placed to keep the band safe. Whether the two large men were part of the Against Me! touring posse or part of the Slowdown club's team, I'm not sure. What was clear was several dozen of the teens/early 20s crowd made their way up to Against Me on stage, singing along in Gabel's mic, wrapping their arms around him, behaving practically like family. In the midst of the hour-long melee, Gabel did let his frustration get the best of him grabbing a loose mic from in front of him and whipping it in the general direction of one of the hired hands.

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