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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Old War lines up UStream performances

If you've been reading up, especially on this site, you know Good Old War is about to drop a big album (June 1).

Now comes word that the Philly trio will be doing weekly live perfs on ustream prior to the release. Unfortunately I missed this note yesterday, as they were on last night @ 7 p.m. EST. My guess is you'll be able to find the video of said perf on there later today or tomorrow, but for now, you can watch their first perf from the 11th.

The note I have says the band will continue these Ustream perfs on successive Mondays in anticipation of the new album - that leaves 2 more - no word for sure to see if they will continue after the release.

and if you're not UStream savvy and just want the YouTube versions here's a link to some other live perfs

can it be, am I actually ahead on Thursday morning...
  • Asian Man Recs confirms the new Sundowner WILL be out on August 10
  • new dates from Laura Stevenson and The Cans + the Wild
  • The Charlatans are/have rereleasing their debut album (Beggars) and will include a 2nd CD of singles/sessions - They're also lining up a couple dates in the UK and Stateside to perform Some Friendly in its entirety
  • new video for "Dime Song" by Luke Roberts - although I can't seem to find a link for it
  • Awesome Color tour dates

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