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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introducing Brooklyn's Midnight Spin

amazing how much better you feel when you actually leave for lunch...

don't want to swim in the stream, here's the video
alright, this is Midnight Spin. They're a Brooklyn band who recently won the Deli Mag 2009 Best Emerging Artist poll.

I don't have a bunch to tell you here, but I've seen comps being The Killers and Queens of the Stone Age. I'll give 'em the Killers, but no way on QOTSA. At least not based on this single song, the bass isn't near as prominent and there's no swagger, comparatively speaking.

Regardless, it's a nice listen, fits in a lot with some of the other current *hot* bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Neon Trees, etc.

This particular song has also been licensed to "Shreducation" which as far as I can tell is only aired on Nickelodeon Australia & New Zealand...

oh, and just caught this, their next video is "Trigger Finger Itch" where they're working w/ Comedy Central Studios and will play cereal mascots, peaked your interest now? mine too.

oh if I could tell you all the things I don't already know -
  • Skeletonwitch will play Ozzfest this year along with helping on the High on Fire tour. In the meantime, how about watching them on Ozzfest TV
  • Gyratory System will bring a new single out on June 14, it's "Pampalona" - here's an edited preview - btw, they're talking about a new album early 2011
  • Speaking of singles, Wetdog will give us "Frauhas! is 'Wymmin's Final on June 7
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