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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jarrod Gorbel is going video nuts for his solo debut

We're about 14 weeks out from Jarrod Gorbel's solo debut album, Devil's Made a New Friend (Aug. 31, Burning-house Recs). Big deal right, well, yeah, that doesn't mean much.

But wait til we get to be about 10 weeks out. It's at that juncture (mid to late June) when Gorbel will begin releasing "live videos for each song  with Jarrod collaborating with different artists are being filmed. One video will be released per week for 10 weeks leading up the album's release."

Now's where you ask me who are the collaborating artists that Jarrod Gorbel (formerly The Honorary Title) was working with on this new album. I don't know any particulars, but can tell you members of Rilo Kiley, Black Crowes, Mystic Valley Band, and Azure Ray all make appearances. Gorbel is apparently on a video craze, as he's releasing 10 live vids shot throughout NYC with even more musicians including celloist Yoed Nir, Nicole Atkins, Portastatic violinist Margarite White and others.

Ok, enough chatting, here's the first vid, Gorbel shot it at PS 22 in NYC recently, and I'm not sure how it fits into the video releases listed above, but enjoy "Ten Years Older."

here's the rest of the story -

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