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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jesse Dee's got soul

Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Etta James, Al Green, John Legend, James Hunter, Amos Lee - all influences to many soul singers, including James Dee.

his new album, Bittersweet Batch is due September 9 on 7 Note Records; which was coproduced by Dee and Jack Younger.

Dee's band consists of Matthew Joy (guitar); Jim Larkin (bass) and Matt Pie Beaulieu (drums) and also features guitar work by KEvin Barry (Paula Cole, Dennis Brennan); Dwight & Nicole; and horns from Scott and John Aruda.

Dee is also known for his artwork, but is putting that project on a temporary hold.

in his own words - “I’ve been painting longer than I’ve played music,’’ says Jesse. “I have studied art most of my life and have been doing both for a while, but I made my decision to focus on music.’’

You can hear "Slow Down" on his myspace page.

the end of the end of something -
  • Roger Waters to be on Jimmy Fallon on May 5
  • Coliseum's House with a Curse is due in late June on Temporary Residence Limited
  • Bangs and The Need are both reuniting for a one-off show in Portland OR on July 23
  • Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu will guest on "Speaking from the Diaphragm" by Vaginal Davis on May 15 - new Xiu Xiu blog
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