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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muse concert available on MySpace; plus news on Tom Petty, Jakalope and more

There's just some artists that I can't understand why some people don't like (assuming you like the genre). How can you like classic rock without liking Pink Floyd? Or more recently, somebody needs to explain how anyone can't like Radiohead or Muse. Fine if your not a "fan," but how in the hell can you "hate" these bands...

this live video went up this week on MySpace and as usual, Muse is fascinating. If I had time @ work to watch the full 87 minutes, I would.

apart from this early April show, Muse will premiere another new video next week featuring footage from the band "Getting Close" with 3 fans from around the globe who were chosen to fly to San Fran for the band's April 14 show and get to hang out behind the scenes, interview the band, etc.

keep your eyes peeled for it.

still not sure why you're here?

  • Tom Petty will perform on the season finale of SNL on May 15 - the band's 8th performance on the show hosted by Alec Baldwin; in other Petty news, Runnin' Down a Dream will make it's European tv debut next Tuesday on BBCFour @ 21:00 hours and will be shown without commercial interruption.
  • Jakalope has joined the 604 roster and with their new singer, Chrystal Leigh, they are wroking on a new album
  • here's a video for Haiti relief by some Young Artists For Haiti including Josh Ramsay (Marianas Trench), Tyler Connolly (Theory of a Deadman), Dave Faber (Faber Drive) and Jessie Farrell
  • Daniel Wesley - video for single "It'll be You" & acoustic version
  • Marianas Trench has a new vid for "Celebrity Status"
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