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Sunday, May 2, 2010

New review - The Royal Heist's Midnight in the Garden of Evil

The most immediate thing you'll notice about the Royal Heist's new album, is the sheer energy and passion from the band. On Midnight in the Garden of Evil, the unsigned Los Angeles band pummels you with an aggressive beat and scream-sung vocals that would make The Dead Weather look tame. Add in some major swagger from vocalist Colin Pulsipher and you've got a star in making.

On this new album, The Royal Heist waste no time getting in your face. The crashing rhythms and stinging guitars reverberate through you beginning with the opening seconds of "Lock and Load" and don't tell me you won't find yourself sing/screaming along as Pulsipher wails "I, I wanna get you all alone." It's the perfect timing and placement for the best track on Midnight in the Garden of Evil.

And for as good as "Lock and Load" is, the rest of the album nearly holds up as well. "Lock and Load" brings you the ultimate in The Royal Heist's presentation.
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