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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Singles night Vol. 1 - Penguin Prison/Entrepreneurs & The Twees

not sure why I am calling this Vol. 1, because I have no real intentions of reviewing singles habitually, but i guess you never know.

First up is Penguin Prison's "Something I'm Not (Entrepreneurs Candy-Humper remix).

Something I'm Not - Penguin Prison (Entrepreneurs Candy Humper Remix) by Entrepreneurs

I think we've all gone through phases where something like this makes your day. For me it was the late 90s with Ruby & Sneaker Pimps. The song here is interesting. It's almost got this sort-of 'in your face' mentality swabbed by the remix that amplifies all the other transgressions Penguin Prison may otherwise be into.

Worth checking out, but don't expect a full on review from these parts.

and then there's "Unfair Affair" and "Hepburn Shades" from The Twees.

Unfair Affair by thetwees

Hepburn Shades by thetwees

Can you say The Strokes??? Not bad, not as much energy as the Strokes, but hopefully (for the Twees anyway) more shelflife. I also thought the ending on "Unfair Affair" almost came from nowhere. Had to do a double check to make sure it played the full way through.

I'm not sure they've got the sound to make a big mark on the charts - which would mean they'd need a label first anyway - but a little more seasoning could be pretty big for these guys. I'd also be interested in hearing live versions to see how well this translates on stage.

if you're interested in The Twees, head here to download both songs & get their previous EP for free (you need to sign up for the newsletter)

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